Logic Sheet introduction

Logic Sheet introduction

Logic Sheet is the all-in-one data processing tool for Google Sheets

Get Logic Sheet from Google Workspace Marketplace.

Logic Sheet helps you do all kinds of data analysis and data analytics tasks in your spreadsheet. You can use it to import data from external sources (API, databases, websites), clean and format data, sort data, and do calculations.

Logic Sheet can also help you import real-time and historical stock price and financial statements of a company into your spreadsheet in one click. In addition, you can use Logic Sheet to import foreign exchange rates (including cryptocurrency prices) into your spreadsheet.

API Connector 🤖️

Logic Sheet’s API Connector can help you make POST/GET requests to any JSON data source and import API data directly to your spreadsheet. This means you can import JSON from any URL.

Data importer 🧑‍💻

Data cleaning 🧹

Calculate 🧮

Use Logic Sheet to insert a cumulative sum column or insert a growth rate column next to the selected column.

Finance 💵

Logic Sheet can help you import stock prices, financial statements, and foreign exchange rates into your spreadsheets and simplify your financial analysis workflow.

Get Logic Sheet from Google Workspace Marketplace.

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